Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover Reveal! Book Two of Naive Mistakes: East Rising

Here it is! The Cover for Book Two of Naive Mistakes! (FAQ's below...)


Expected Release Date: 
Mid-to-Late September 2013

Where will it be released? 
Everywhere! This will not be an Amazon-Only release. It will be available for Nook and iBooks, and wherever else these things get sold online... Of course, it takes a little longer to get these things onto Nook and iBooks because of the approval process, so Amazon will be the first to get it. But it'll be on the other platforms soon enough.

What will it cost?
99c (USD)

Must I have read Book One to read this one?
No! Of course, it's better. But I wrote this book in such a way that people can pick up on the story even if they haven't read Book One. This is to allow the Nook / iBooks readers a chance to pick up on the story while I wait for the three-month Kindle-Only period to be over for Book One. 

For a fuller appreciation of the story, however, you definitely should read Book One first. You can read it on your PC / Mac / Phone, etc., if you don't own a Kindle.

Does it contain...
Lots of steam? Yes!
Lots of Tension? Oh, yes!
Over-the-Top Crazy Twists? Listen, you ain't even heard of twists until you've read Book Two! I'm saying no more...

Does it contain a cliffhanger?
The story ends satisfactorily at the end of the last chapter. If you don't want a cliffhanger, skip the epilogue! 
(The epilogue isn't really a cliffhanger, but it does open up one last twist which gets the ball rolling for Book Three.)

When will Book Three be out?
Whoa! :)
I'm aiming for end of October. 


Liked the cover? Hated it? Post me a comment!

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