Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funny giveaway time...

Want all my books and my next book in your inbox, for free?

Just answer a few questions for me and you could win just that! One random winner will be picked in the Holiday Season. That winner will then additionally get a copy of my upcoming book in her inbox when it's released.

And why is it a Funny Giveaway? Well, click the link below. You'll soon see the light...

Ready? Click here!

Other News

Naive Mistakes
Finding North is now permanently free on Smashwords! It'll be up for Free on Barnes and Noble and iTunes soon. Maybe it'll also go up for free permanently on Amazon although I think you're more likely to have GOP vote Obama in for a third term and personally endorse Obamacare for the next fifty years than have Amazon actually act on the "Tell us about a Lower Price" feature. So, instead, all you Kindle folk (like me) can get it for free directly from Smashwords. Here's the link:

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