Friday, November 29, 2013

Like You - Perfectly Flawed Series - NOW AVAILABLE!

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Over 90,000 words
Over 400 Pages
NO Cliffhanger!

40% off Retail Price until Dec 31, 2013!

Like You - Perfectly Flawed Series - Book One


Have you ever met that perfect love with the perfect ass and the perfect chin, and who kissed perfectly and rocked you perfectly and smelled perfect? Was his tongue perfect, his touch perfect, his hair perfect? Were his hands and feet...perfect?

Most of all, was his heart perfect?

And, if you're a man, what about the girl? Did you meet the one where her breasts were perfect? Her butt cheeks, her lips, her smell, her skin, her ears, her legs?

Was her heart perfect?

And did you meet the one that had everything perfect? All of the above?

Maybe you have. Or maybe you will.

Maybe the person you've met, or will still meet, is perfect, simply because he's a little...imperfect.

Like you are.

Available now!

On sale for $2.99 as opposed to $4.99 until Dec 31, 2013!

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Quick News

The winner for the "Funny Giveaway" has been selected already. So, if you didn't get a mail from me, you'll have to pay for this book. :)

Finding North is now free on Amazon! Thanks so much to those of you who helped.

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