Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Next Trilogy...

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update on the next trilogy. It'll start coming out in February sometime. Books One and Two will be released at the same time. Book Three, a little later (like, two or three weeks later, so don't panic about waiting!)

I think you will love the two main characters. They're sweet and different and, as you get to know them, so made for each other! They're innocent. And not. (Not at all in some respects.) Life has tried to break them, but they're fighters, both of them.

And they've found each other...

But there are also enemies. And a past...

If you liked Naive Mistakes then, wow, hold onto your hats for this next one! There's passion, mistakes, do-it-all-for-love, and more than a little heartbreak.

I can't wait to publish it. So, let me stop writing this blog post, and get back to the story!


PS. Like You is still on sale. 40% until Jan 31, 2014.
Here are some reviews for it:

"A beautiful story of love between two damaged people." ~ Amazon Review

"The characters are believable and the tragedy each of them encountered broke my heart. I fell in love with every one of them." ~ Amazon Review

Christmas Comfort  has been getting great reviews as well. Thanks to everyone who's given it a five star (Amazon UK, US, DE, Thank you!) Here are some cool reviews for it:

"[It] was one hot and steamy Christmas holiday read." Arlena Dean Blog

"Sexy and rompalicious" ~ Amazon review

"This One is a Winner" ~ Amazon Review

"Fantastic reading" ~ Amazon UK Review

I wish I could just "think" a story onto paper. But, alas... Hopefully the next time you see an article from me, there'll be a cover release in it as well. ;)

Whenever I raise my head above water (or the words) I occasionally post an update to my Twitter account as well about how the book is going.