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COVER REVEAL: Know Me - Truthful Lies Trilogy - (And a few teasers...)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

To know (transitive verb):
1.      To perceive or apprehend clearly and certainly; to understand; to have full information of;  to be convinced of the truth of; to be fully assured of; to be acquainted with; to be no stranger to; to be more or less familiar with the person, character, etc., of; to possess experience of;  to recognize; to distinguish; to discern the character of;
2.      Archaic: To have sexual intercourse with.
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary - 1913


Truthful Lies Trilogy - Book One

Cover Reveal

Here are some teasers. The book will be released in the next few days. Before the upcoming Friday, guaranteed. Book Two will be out near the end of the month. Book Three, near the end of March.

Enjoy. ;)

Please note that the teasers below are intended only for people of ages 17+!

Teaser 1
Blaze Ryleigh
I’m in another world. As if the rules of something as integral as gravity, or the fact that the sun rises in the East every day, have been changed. As if I’d been playing basketball, but am now suddenly thrown into a baseball diamond, and I’m next at bat. And I don’t know shit about ball, but I’m on the team...
I’m a little embarrassed at how obvious it all probably is. I’m feeling more like a little girl than like the woman who’s been living on her own since her mom and gramps left for back home.
I step up into the truck, pushing up on Declan’s forearm for support. And I can’t help the thought coming into my mind of feeling like a princess being led into a chariot...  
By one fucking hot knight.

Teaser 2:
Declan Cox
The burst of moisture on my hand weakens every defense I have. Even I groan at its feel on my fingers. She groans as well, writhes, twists, impales her forehead into my chest as my hand plies her below. Her pelvis starts rocking under my hand. Down, she pushes.
Oh, god, this is SO hot.
Nails drive into my back, bringing my pelvis closer to hers so that my hand—the one inside her—is very literally being crushed between us.
And my boy down there starts screaming.
Her teeth bite into my tee, just catching some of my nipple underneath. It hurts like a bastard, but, for one microscopic second, it actually takes my mind off...that.
But the moment flies out the window with a moan so guttural, so earthy and primal, from her, that for one blissful instant, there is nothing.
Nothing but us.
And her exploding body on my hand.

Teaser 3:
Declan Cox. In the car.
I feel Blaze’s hand on my leg. “ seems I got a little carried away there,” I say. “I actually just wanted to let you know that I understand what it means to lose someone...” I pause for a long while, squeeze the shit out of her hand for stability. Then: “...But turns out I ended up giving you my life’s story.”
She whispers. Because that’s how Blaze talks: In a soft, angelic whisper. Always. “I don’t think that’s your life’s story. I think there’s a lot more to you than that. And I appreciate you telling me.
“Deck, I’m...nervous. And I’m just gonna go out and tell you why.  Things are suddenly so intense between me and you. Out of nowhere, and I’m trying to find reasons why they shouldn’t be. I’m trying to fit it all into logic. I’m trying to fit it into the perspective of what my mom always used to say, you know. ‘Take it slow. Get to know a boy first.’ But with you, it’s none of that. I...” Her lip trembles. She clears her throat. “...Hell, Declan, it’s a freaking rocket ride. And it hit me out of nowhere. said you know so little about me, and yet you feel like you know all there is to know. And, like, that just doesn’t make sense.”
“Why doesn’t it? Maybe it does. Maybe it’s...this”—I point outside—“that tells us otherwise. ‘Society’ or whatever. I know this is gonna sound crazy but, that look across a room full of people...”
“Yeah!” Her eyes are wide, as excited as mine.
“...Who’s to say there isn’t some force, some element? Hell, maybe it’s scientific. I don’t know.”
“Listen to us. We sound like teenagers. Young teenagers!”
“And there you go again. Do you see that?”
“Looking for some reason why it can’t be. You’re looking for the piano that’s about to drop.”
“This is so intense. I keep getting the feeling it’s all gonna topple over sometime. It’s just too fast. The...the feelings. They’
“Well, it’s fast for me too. So if we fall, we fall together.”
“You definitely read too many books, Declan Cox. Don’t think I didn’t see that romance collection in your e-reader.”
I shrug, trying to play it cool. “Don’t think I didn’t see your own collection at home, neither.”
“Not all romances have a happy ending. In fact, some of them have a downright shitty ending.”
“But the middle is always good, and so is the beginning. That’s always the best part. That’s when it’s hot. That’s when there’s hope and sparks in the air; chests bared boldly to the raging forces of the universe, ready to take them all on.”
Her hand trembles on mine. “It’s not the beginning and the middle I’m worried about. It’s the end. When the universe wins because of a fatal character flaw or something.”
“Romeo and Juliet?”
“And others. All the timeless classics end without a Happily Ever After—CasablancaTristan and IsoldeTitanic? You think Leo DiCaprio woulda been so famous if he’d gotten Winslet in the end? Or was it that endless holding onto hope, him on that plank of wood, drowning, and hoping, forever hoping—right to the very last whimpering breath!—that keeps that story with us forever? Look at Nicholas Sparks. People talk about his stories forever. The Notebook?
I can’t answer.
Because she’s right.
Too right.
And I’m scared shitless because of it.
Scared out of my fucking mind.

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