Monday, February 17, 2014

Know Me - Truthful Lies Trilogy - Book 1 NOW AVAILABLE!

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319 Pages. Only 99c!


Truthful Lies Trilogy - Book One


Blaze Ryleigh is an up-and-coming EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artist from Brooklyn. On a certain Saturday, three game-changing events occur:
Realty Developers have bought her building. 
She's selected to play at one of Brooklyn's hottest underground parties. 

And she meets Declan Cox...

The Realty Developers threaten to take away her home.
The results of the party threaten to take away her lifestyle. 

And Declan Cox threatens to take away her heart...

Book 1 of 3



Kindle: 99c or FREE if you buy the paperback on Amazon. Here's the link: (The paperback will be a few days before it appears on that page)
Smashwords / Barnes and Noble / iTunes: the Barnes & Noble and iTunes versions should be available in about two to three weeks. Meanwhile, you can get a copy from Smashwords for 99c. here's the link:


Amazon: $11.99 (USD), or the equivalent local currency price.
Or, buy direct from CreateSpace and save 20%: Use coupon code DZ7YRE2J at the following link: (Kindle version not included if you buy direct from CreateSpace, but it still works out cheaper if you go ahead and buy the Kindle anyway).


OK, now the fun stuff! 

Want to win some free books?

Giveaway 1 - For the Twitter and Facebook Fans
Ten copies to give away:
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- Then fill out this form. Ten random winners will be selected on Saturday, Feb 22, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. L.A. Time (click the link to see time in your local time zone). 

Giveaway 2 - For the Naive Mistakes Fans
One copy of Book Two to give away
This is a giveaway for BOOK TWO of Truthful Lies (when released.)

There is a Naive Mistakes "Easter Egg" in Know Me. So, you basically need to read Know Me, and then let me know what the Easter Egg is. It's really quite simple to figure out if you've read even just Book One of Naive Mistakes. The first person to mail me (or comment below) what the Easter Egg is will win a copy of Book Two of the Truthful Lies Trilogy (after it's released in March 2013.)

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