Friday, March 14, 2014

FIND ME - Truthful Lies Book Two Now Available! (And some news of a few specials.)

(See end of this post for some seriously awesome specials that you should definitely be telling your friends about!)

Book Two of Truthful Lies is now available on Amazon and in Paperback! It should be in the iBooks / iTunes Store in a week or two. It'll be on B&N in a day or two (if it's not there already).

Here's the Paperback cover (pretty much the same as the eBook.) And below it are direct links to purchase. 


Direct Purchase-Links:


LIKE YOU is on sale for freakin 99c! Say what!???
Yes, this is definitely a limited-time offer, so tell your friends!
Here are the links:

Happy reading!

PS. Thanks to those of you who've been telling people about me. Check out what you've done to my Amazon Author Rank! (Click the photo if you don't know what the Amazon Author Rank is.)

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