Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick Update

Howdy everyone,


Before anything else: Just to let you know that I've moved over to the dark side and started a Facebook Page! Yay! Here's the link: Go on over and give it a like, wouldya? It's lookin' a little lonely with my whopping One like on there right now. (They say you should like yourself, no?)

I don't know shite about FB so please go ahead and share or pin or post or friend or whatever it is that y'all do on there so that other folks can do whatever it is they do and I get a lot of that "Like" goodness (or whatever...)

Truthful Lies #3

This is well on the way. The story is a little longer than I expected and life also got in the way (and I visited some long-lost family) so it'll be out a little later than expected. I'm aiming for mid May. As usual, I'll post about here, on my twitter account, and, well, I guess on FB as well!

OK. That's it. Told you it was quick, didn't I?

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