Monday, June 23, 2014

Release Schedule (Next Book and........ NAIVE MISTAKES 4)

There's something cool, something really awesome, something fantabulous, coming on July 20. It's a standalone novel, about 250 pages. I think you're gonna love it, gonna love the characters, gonna fall in love with the guy, the girl, the story... Darn it, I can't wait to release it!

It's about an overweight girl with a voice from heaven, and the dude who falls in love with her. (And what a hot Alpha Male this guy is! Yikes! And a heart-breaker, and a swoon-worthy yummy-yum hunk of delectable...) OK. Enough.

The cover reveal will be around then as well.

It's a steamy story, and definitely for readers aged 17+, but it also has a touch of innocence to it as well. If you liked J.A. Redmerski's Edge of Never, then this one's for you.


Drum roll...........

After that....................


After all the requests, emails, comments..................................................


I've had too many requests for this to ignore it any longer. I'm currently researching the story, visiting some interesting places. I want it to be the best of all four. I don't want it to be a "tacked on" story just because people demanded more. I want it to be a natural continuation of Leora and Conall's lives. Yes, I've decided it will be Leora and Conall's story that gets continued, and if any of the other characters tell a story, then it will either be its own series, or it will move into a Naive Mistakes 5 or something.

But it will definitely be Leora telling the story, as she has done in the first three books.

I won't say too much more about it because it's so early in the planning stages, but it's on the way. So, keep a spot open for it on your shelves. Release date? Too soon to tell. But definitely this year. Meanwhile, I have plenty of other books you could read to keep you busy. :)

Other News

Like You made it into the Top 20 Amazon UK Romantic Suspense Bestsellers this weekend. I'm over the moon.

It's still on sale for 99c (usual price $4.99) on Amazon (and UK), B&N, iTunes and Smashwords.

Cover Reveal
If you're interested in participating in a cover reveal for the Jul 20th book release (or even for Naive Mistakes 4), please email me.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Advanced Review Copies

I'm just putting something out there to see if there's any interest.

My next book / series is well under way. It'll be out around mid July. I think you're all gonna like it. I think it's my best work to date.

I want to see if I can generate some interest before publishing. Not sure if it'll work (I'm still a small fish) but here goes:

If you're a blogger or know a blogger or have a blogger-uncle-aunt-grandmother and would like to receive an Advanced Review Copy of my next book, email me (or Facebook me or leave me a comment) with your name and the blog you run so I can have a look at it. Those of you who know me know that I run pretty fast so please also tell me how long you'd take to read and review a book of about 150 to 200 pages--easy reading.

I know there's NetGalley, I know there are Blog Tours. I know. I'm just trying something here, getting a feel for things; just wanting to get some feedback to see if it would be worth it to go this route at all.

OK, looking forward to your feedback!

General News

Truthful Lies - Book One - FREE

"This book was so full of REAL.....that's the only thing I can was REAL....the things that these young people went through, tore my heart out for them. I'm glad they found each other."

Like You - Top 100 Bestseller
LIKE YOU is still on sale for 99c and is climbing up the ranks on the UK Bestseller lists! It is currently in the top 30 of Romantic Suspense. You can get it on Amazon here (UK), Amazon US here, B&N here, and iTunes here.

Tell your friends about it. :)