Sunday, June 15, 2014

Advanced Review Copies

I'm just putting something out there to see if there's any interest.

My next book / series is well under way. It'll be out around mid July. I think you're all gonna like it. I think it's my best work to date.

I want to see if I can generate some interest before publishing. Not sure if it'll work (I'm still a small fish) but here goes:

If you're a blogger or know a blogger or have a blogger-uncle-aunt-grandmother and would like to receive an Advanced Review Copy of my next book, email me (or Facebook me or leave me a comment) with your name and the blog you run so I can have a look at it. Those of you who know me know that I run pretty fast so please also tell me how long you'd take to read and review a book of about 150 to 200 pages--easy reading.

I know there's NetGalley, I know there are Blog Tours. I know. I'm just trying something here, getting a feel for things; just wanting to get some feedback to see if it would be worth it to go this route at all.

OK, looking forward to your feedback!

General News

Truthful Lies - Book One - FREE

"This book was so full of REAL.....that's the only thing I can was REAL....the things that these young people went through, tore my heart out for them. I'm glad they found each other."

Like You - Top 100 Bestseller
LIKE YOU is still on sale for 99c and is climbing up the ranks on the UK Bestseller lists! It is currently in the top 30 of Romantic Suspense. You can get it on Amazon here (UK), Amazon US here, B&N here, and iTunes here.

Tell your friends about it. :)

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