Monday, July 28, 2014

New Foreword for FINDING NORTH - Book One of Naive Mistakes

I've added a new foreword to FINDING NORTH in preparation for Book Four which is coming out later this year. I will try and get Amazon to send an update to those of you who've already read it, but I am publishing it here as well in case that doesn't happen. (Same goes for all you iBooks, Nook and Kobo readers.)

Here we go!


July 28, 2014
Here we are, almost a full year since first publishing Finding North, and thirteen or so other novels later.
I’ll be the first to admit that the writing style in this particular book you’re about to read is...different. Notice I didn’t say “bad.” I didn’t say “bad” because, despite the mountain of parentheses I felt needed to be used to write this story, people loved it. They more than loved it. Their reviews, emails, comments, kept me writing. They kept me writing so much that it has become quite realistic that, in the very near future, this will be officially considered my “day job.”
I pondered numerous times in this last year whether or not I should go and change the personal thoughts of the character and remove the parentheses and run-on sentences. Whereas some people loved it, a small amount felt the need to blast cannons and missiles in my direction as if I had broken some Holy Law of Writing, some venerable canon or doctrine of The Way it Should Be Done.
Friends, this is why they call it “Art.”
I decided against changing anything in this book, because in doing what I did, I nonetheless gathered to myself a small number of dedicated fans, people I am eternally grateful to, and to whom I owe, without a doubt, my later books. I am today a writer because of these people.
So, to you, New Reader, all you need to know is this:
Stick with this story. In re-reading it several times myself, I can safely say to you that the “confusing” parts, if any, are mostly in the beginning.
Books Two and Three (as well as all my later stories) made less use of the ubiquitous parenthesis.
This was the first book I wrote that got any sort of respectable sales and following.
Writers improve the more they right.
The first edition of this book had so many typos that I almost choked when I re-read it a month later in writing East Rising (Book Two.)
The same thing happened again when I re-read it just before writing West-End Boys (Book Three.)
Now, in preparation for a Book Four which people have been clamoring for, I found yet another four typos and fixed them.
Here’s the interesting thing: No one ever mentioned the typos! They mentioned the parentheses. And they mentioned how they loved the story!
Writing style is one thing.
Storytelling is another.
I certainly hope you put any preconceived ideas away as to “style” before reading this story. I certainly hope you understand that even I know it could have been better. I certainly hope you understand, also, why I didn’t change anything in this tale—because doing so would ruin whatever “magic” the story did contain which made it the success it is today.
Lastly, I hope the story of Finding North carries you away as it did so many other people.
All my love,

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