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There is a new foreword for the e-book of KNOW ME - Book One of the Truthful Lies Trilogy.

For those of you who've already purchased it, here it is for you as well.


August 02, 2014
This foreword was added several months after initial publication.

Highly Recommended That You Read This First

You know you’re in deep shit when you have to read a foreword. You know the author’s about to explain or justify or make excuses or say she’s sorry for writing this tale and will you please forgive her.
Well, might as well get it over with:
I’m not sorry.
I wrote this tale sincerely, researched my ass off, and worked my fingers to the bone to get it out. It was written from the heart and all the angst and pain and emotions that it contains come from a dark place that I hope I don’t have to tap into again anytime soon, because this story is intense!
Romance is a tricky genre. It is the genre, in my opinion, that allows for the least amount of experimentation. People want a guy, a girl, a meet-cute (a sweet first-encounter scene), and then they want chemistry and steam—the degree of which (and explicitness of which) is determined by the subgenre.
In my limited experience, I’ve come to appreciate one thing: If I step too far out of those boundaries, I get two types of reviews: Rave-amazing-incredible-wow five-star reviews; and the You’re-such-a-crappy-author-you-ruined-my-life-and-I-hate-you-and-your-books-forever-and-ever reviews. As if this FREE book that the person has just read has eternally ruined their Feng Shui or something....
Note that I’m talking about myself here. Not other writers’ experiences. This  is just a personal chit-chat between you and me now, OK?
Whenever I don’t step out of those bounds, I get one type of review: “Uh-huh. I liked it. It was...‘Pretty good.’”—no hate, but no real love either, baby.
I like the love.
And I can live with the hate.
But I can’t stand “Pretty Good...”
This book you’re about to read...stepped out of the boundaries. (It wouldn’t be a Rachel Dunning novel if it didn’t.) And, boy, did it freakin step OUT!
Personally, I liked this series more than the Naive Mistakes Series (which people loved apparently.) But that’s because I also have my own tastes. And I’m a little bitty of a dark soul myself..., so I tend to like the grittier stuff when I read.
So, why this boring foreword then? Where is the apology or explanation?
Know this: In Book One only, there is more slang than in Books Two and Three, and probably more than you’re used to reading in this genre in general. I fine-tuned endlessly to make that slang understandable within the context of the sentences and paragraphs it was being used in. Perhaps this means you’ll have to read a sentence or two more than once to fully get the meaning. But, hey, isn’t it cool that you also get to learn something from a book you’re reading?
Just stick with the story. It gets easier. I also smoothed things out in Books Two and Three.
I was trying to make this story real. And, well, people talk like that.
I certainly talked like that once upon a time. Different slang, different words, a different era—but deep-and-thick slang nonetheless.
I worked my butt off to make the text understood to you, the reader. If you rub two brain cells together, you’ll get the gist of it. Trust me.
And if you don’t get it, heck, it prob’ly ain’t that important anyway!
The slang was put in deliberately, carefully, purposefully. The story would have been a pie-in-the-sky load of crap! if I’d made these gritty, passionate characters talk like the freaking Queen of England, or even like some Upper East Sider!
What a freakin farce.
To apologize for something that was done with every artistic forethought possible would be an even greater farce.
If you’re hoping to read something while thinking about your son’s soccer match or what Mary is wearing to Janie’s wedding—this isn’t the book for you. Sorry, but you might have to concentrate a little harder than usual while reading this one, at least in some parts. If the reviews are anything to go by, the rewards will be worth it if you do.
Some of the best reviews I’ve ever gotten were gotten from this very book you’re about to read! Reviews which almost brought tears to my eyes. One review compared this work to poetry because it was so emotional.
Those people got it.
I hope you do, too.
Enjoy the read.

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