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(The "official" release-date on Amazon is Nov 30, 2014. But I will likely get it out sooner. I've set it up on Amazon for that release date because there are penalties involved in delaying a release date after putting it up for pre-order. But you know me, I never miss a deadline! So look out for the book around Nov 14! The reduced price will continue until release-date.)

Check out the synopsis below!


Life can change. So quickly, so suddenly. One day you're driving down the freeway, your face lit up by yellow sodium lamps, music blaring through the radio, and you're singing, and the guy next to you is singing, and he turns to look at you, just for a second, a moment, that final smile lasting forever in your mind afterwards-- 

And then you're upside down, and there are screams and moans, a shattered windshield, spinning wheels, the glug-glug-glug of falling gas, and the man you love is next you. 

And he's not moving.


My name is Catherine Ramsey. Most people call me Cathy. Patricio Abreu, Johnny's father, always called me either Catty or Cattehreen, but that was because of his accent. 

Johnny, however, always called me Cat. 

I loved it when he called me that. 

Dad liked Johnny very much. 

That is, until he kissed me... 

But that was when we were kids. And I remember even wiping the kiss off my face. 

Five years later, however, it was all I could do to hope for the feel of those lips on my skin once again. Or on my lips, or even the flavor of his tongue.

The haunting appeal of Johnny's pale green eyes had found its way into my dreams, my nightmares, my thoughts, and my diary.

But by then, Johnny had his finger in another pie.

Her name was Nicole.


Cat Ramsey thought she had the perfect life--a home in the suburbs, a loving family. 
And then one day it all came crashing down. 

Her world collapses. 
She's adrift. 
She's afraid. 
She's alone. 

She turns to the boy next door...


The subject matter in this book is OF AN ADULT NATURE. 

* Not suitable for readers under 17 years of age due to explicit sexual content. * 


Coming of Age 
New Adult Romance 
Mature Young Adult


What about pre-release sales for Nook and iTunes?
Sorry, folks. There will be no pre-release sales for these distributors. The book will become available at these retailers on the day of release.

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