Wednesday, November 19, 2014

~ COVER REVEAL ~ LOSING JOHNNY - Book II in the Johnny Series

So, the cat's out the bag (no pun intended). JOHNNY - A NEW ADULT NOVEL ends on one dizzying cliffhanger... I confess, it was all done with malice aforethought and premeditated.

But, fear not, my name is not Justin Cronin, and you don't need to wait over a year for a sequel!

Book Two of JOHNNY has an official release-date planned for Dec 12, 2014 and is already available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon. (The Amazon Release Date is set to Jan 15. That's only to take into account any catastrophes between now and then, but you can expect it on Dec 12th barring any cataclysms!)

There will be a total of three books in this series. Depending on interest, I might write a few branch-off stories from other characters.

Book Two is a FULL-LENGTH NOVEL of approx 300 pages. (Final page count will be available once the paperback is put up for sale.)

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Two guys. Four hearts. One major freakin problem.

You can't stop loving someone. 
You just can't. No matter how hard you try, who you meet, how many new lovers you get. 

You just can't.

You move on. You forget. But you never stop loving him. 



On returning to New York from their eight month road-trip (which features a motorcycle gang that changes all their lives...), Cat's best friend Nicole takes up an acting class at the New York Film Academy. 

It is through Nicole that Cat meets Tiago Espada, up-and-coming Documentary Filmmaker, ladies man galore--Brazilian, dark, tall. And confident. So confident. So utterly in-your-face, no-holds-barred deadly confident. 

Tiago has never had a woman turn him down. And he soon finds his way into Cat's aching heart. And elsewhere...

But can a man like Tiago ever be tamed? And can he be tamed by someone as timid as Cat Ramsey?

Cat still loves Johnny. She'll always love him. But he's involved. They try and rekindle their deep friendship, but every time they talk, sparks fly. Dangerous sparks. And fires get lighted. Nicole has to put out the fires. Only problem is, when you play with fire...

And then there's Alice, mother of Cat. And now legal guardian of Nicole Fermann. Remember the bikers we mentioned? Well, so does she...


Book 2 of 3 in the Johnny Series. 

** Not intended for readers under the age of seventeen due to explicit sexual content **


New-Adult Romance
Contemporary Romance
Coming of Age
Mature Young Adult Romance

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