Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Sale - Up to 75% off selected Rachel Dunning Books

Most of my books are currently up for sale at smashwords here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/RachelDunning

They'll be on sale throughout July 2017, some as much as 75% off. Be sure to click the yellow "Buy with Coupon" button.

In other news, I'm planning a series of novelettes / novellas in the very near future, somewhere between YA and mature YA (but not "condescending YA" i.e. YA which contains glaring holes in its plotting because "well, young adults just wouldn't notice...")

Stay tuned.


Saturday, April 29, 2017


I write under different names. Have I mentioned that before? I don't think so; not on this blog. It gets confusing sometimes, managing so many blogs / pen names / opinions / personas.

Rachel Dunning has been, by far, my most successful name. It's the only name under which I write New Adult stories. It's the only name where I can say I have "A Fan Base."

The last year has been...erratic. I had big hopes for Debt. I did a monstrous Book Blogger Tour for the book. It got some wonderful reviews at the start. (I haven't checked them in a while, so I don't know where it stands currently.) I had over 400 blogs participating, one way or another, in getting that book promoted. I was so disappointeed that the book didn't make it as a bestseller. I had been convinced it would.

So I decided to pause "Rachel Dunning" for a while. I had promised a Book Three for the Mind Games trilogy and ended up nuking that project. The only reason I wrote Johnny #4 is that I felt I owed it to my readers. (That series is doing very well on iTunes UK, by the way; and the Naive Mistakes series continues to be a mainstay.)

I wrote some short stories. I actually even managed to get one of them published. (It was awesome, and I even received fan mail for it, and it really brought my spirits up.)

For a long, long time, I have wanted to leave the NA genre. I thought I might try my hand at YA, at something non-cliche (i.e. no vampires!) but I always had reservations of tying up the steamy Rachel Dunning name with a YA story. So I wrote a YA story under a different name, and it didn't take off. So I am left wondering: (a) Is the YA story I wrote not successful because I have no fan base under that name? Or (b) Do I suck as a YA writer, and am I "doomed" to writing only NA stories?

My immediate opinion is that it is possilbly a little of both, with more emphasis on A. Somehow, by whatever gods of good fortune, the Rachel Dunning name got off the ground with Finding North, and the Naive Mistakes series still does well in multiple markets.

I consider this pure luck, because I have tried to emulate the actions and plot elements of that story in other stories, and none have done as well as that series did.

Writing is a funny business; it is a sort of necromancy in many respects.

I don't have an NA story inside me at the moment. I haven't had one in me since I wrote Debt. I have tried to think of one, and I can't come up with something non-cliche. There are plenty of cliche NA stores which make it BIG every day, and I give kudos to those writers who manage to pull those stories off, and be successful at them. But I am not in that place anymore. The first few novels I published were exhilirating. After some moderate success, I became more picky. Debt was a move in the direction of a story which contained more plot and less steam, which wasn't entirely about "an asshole," but about a Bad Boy with heart, a fully-developed character. It was a massive novel, 500 pages or so.

But it didn't take off.

Maybe I will indeed go ahead and write those YA stories under the "Rachel Dunning" name and see what happens; I am not entirely certain yet.

But I am writing, if only not under this name. The goal for me has always been to become a professionally published author, or an author who has "made it" in self-publishing (i.e. a bestselling book which elicits tears of joy and heartbreak from its readers...) That is still the goal. The name, for me, has never been the goal.


Other News
In other news, here are some random tidbits from my life:
- I have discovered Downton Abbey, and am currently on Season One. Please don't tell me what happens! I am hooked...

- I am currently reading Jane Eyre and loving it.

- The Truthful Lies series is now back on iTunes and B&N (it was Kindle-only for a while). So are a few of my others stories which were once also Kindle-only.

- In my part of the world, summer seems to be hiding its head, but I am currently blogging out in the sunshine, with a bluetooth keyboard hooked into my Samsung tablet, getting a sunburn on my forehead, even though the weather forecast says Rain for the entirety of next week.

What's happening in your part of the world?